• Central Middle School students participate in health for one, nine-weeks grading period in seventh and eighth grades. The curriculum for each grade level is built upon the three components of the health triangle; physical health, social health and mental/emotional health. To emphasize the importance of making healthy choices, CMS partners with local community partners to support our curriculum. Foundation for Youth (FFY) spends one day per week with our seventh grade students teaching LifeSkills Training: Promoting Health and Personal Development. Turning Point does an introduction to Domestic Violence in the seventh grade and presents four days to our eighth graders teaching the Safe Dates health relationships curriculum. School Resource Officers speak with our eighth graders on the final day of our Safe Dates program. Clarity spends an additional four days with our eighth graders presenting the I Decide for Me abstinence curriculum.


    7th Grade Health Curriculum                                                8th Grade Health Curriculum

    Understanding Your Health and Wellness                                  Promoting Healthy Relationships

    What is Stress?                                                                      Dating and Date Violence

    Goal Setting                                                                           Human Development/Birth

    Tobacco/Alcohol                                                                      Understanding and Preventing Diseases

    The Body Systems                                                                  Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) & Contraception

    Understanding Violent Behavior                                               Clarity: “I Decide for Me” Program

    Preventing and Responding to Accidents and Injuries                 Medications and Drugs