Physical Education and Health

  • Brent Chitty 
    PE and Department Coordinator  
    Kat Gratz
    Alicia Wetzel
    PE and Health
    Karl Eagleman
    Weight Training
    PE Waiver Course
    This course is designed for self-motivated students involved in qualifying activities to compensate for PE credit at the high school level
    PE Waiver Information can also be found on our Parent Resource Page
    1. You must have a waiver application form on file.  You are not eligible to complete waiver work if you do not have a waiver form on file.
    2. PE Waiver grades are on Parent Portal. The grading scale is Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) in order to not affect the honor roll system.  If journal entries are not completed by the specified due date, you will receive a NC at the first grading period.  However, this does not affect your ability to receive a CR by the end of the semester. 
    3. Ultimately, your PE Waiver grade will not count toward your GPA, however, if you earn a NC  at the end of the waiver semester you will NOT receive the PE credit and you will have to earn it in another semester.  
    4. The end deadline for all 12 journals, plus your water safety requirement for the first time assessment, and the 3 projects for the second time assessment, is the second progress report time for each semester.  You need to be planning ahead and making weekly progress toward completing these requirements!
    5. Important dates for each waiver option semester are outlined below:
    1st time assessment:
    Progress Report 1: 
    Journals 1-4 due
    1st 9 weeks:  
    Journals 5-8 due
    Progress Report 2:
    Journals 9-12 due
    **Water Safety requirement must be turned in by the 2nd progree report, but can be completed anytime throughout the process.
    2nd Time Assessment:
    Progress Report 1: 
    Evaluation of personal fitness level due
    (Project 1 Parts 1, 2, and 3)
    1st 9 weeks: 
    Creation of personal lifetime fitness plan due
    (Project 2)
    Progress Report 2:
    Advocacy for the importance of a lifetime of physical fitness due
    (Project 3, including Advocacy letter, and Advocacy Product)
    **There is not a Water Safety Requirement for the 2nd time assessment