McDowell's Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of McDowell Education Center is to provide personal relationships in a safe place where all students will be engaged in a respectful, responsible learning environment to promote the best opportunity for current and future success.


    Guiding Beliefs

    • The student is the focus of all educational activity
    • The best learning takes place when the student is motivated to learn
    • Access to educational options empowers students to take control of their learning
    • When academic programs challenge students, the intellectual growth of the earnest student is assured
    • When schools are safe and supportive of learners' needs, students can achieve academically, emotionally, and socially
    • Parents, community agencies, and school are essential partners in the education of our youth


    Vision Statement

    McDowell Education Center is a safe place where all students will be motivated and engaged in learning, achieving to their best ability in becoming a productive citizen.