C4 Program Information

  • Vision Statement
    C4 will connect community resources to provide career education for all students while laying the foundation for life-long learning.

    C4 Core Values

    • All students deserve the opportunity to participate in an appropriate C4 program, regardless of gender, disability, home high school, or academic program.
    • All students should be adequately prepared for the workplace.  A partnership between schools and business/industry is necessary to facilitate that preparation.
    • All students should be safe at all times and trained to avoid hazards of the classroom/workplace experience.
    • All students can learn and benefit from applying classroom knowledge/experiences to problem solving situations in C4 programs and the workplace.
    • All students deserve to be respected for their participation in C4.  Their self-esteem is directly related to achievement.


    C4 Goals and Challenges

    C4 staff and stakeholders have identified six goals and resulting challenges that are critical to the success of the program. These six challenges are the basis for all activites and services provided by C4.

    Accessibility - Accessibility of C4 programs and classes for all students considering scheduling, transportation and calendar restraints.

    Image and Appeal - Awareness of C4 programming throughout the region focusing on the opportunities available through career and technical education.

    Curriculum, Standards, and Articulation - Changing needs for interdisciplinary and integrated curriculum based on the expectations of post-secondary institutions and employers.

    Resources - Enhancing student performance through the redesign of programs and facilities and by the efficient and effective management of resources.

    Safety - Providing a working and learning environment that complies with federal and state safety regulations.

    School Climate - Exposing students to an improved learning environment through enhanced faculty and staff satisfaction and motivation.



  • C4 Facts