Project EXCEL

  • Project EXCEL, Indiana’s first dual credit/concurrent enrollment program, offers transcripted college credit for only $25 per credit hour to eligible juniors and seniors who enroll in Vincennes University courses offered here at C4 Columbus Area Career Connection.
    Benefits to students:

    ·     A way to fulfill Academic Honors and Technical Honors diploma requirements.

    ·     Get an early start in college and prepare for the challenge of college coursework.

    ·     Opportunity for hands-on experience in career and technical courses.

    ·     Reduced fees – a significant savings over traditional college tuition.

    ·     Program fees are waived for students who qualify under the Free and Reduced lunch program.

    Project EXCEL courses are of the same quality and rigor as those taught on the VU campus.  Each course covers the same content, has the same expectations, and gives the same credit as those taught on campus.  College credit earned through Project EXCEL is transcripted college credit and will become part of the student’s official academic record at VU.  

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