Technical Honors Diploma

  • Twenty-first century graduates are expected to have more skills than ever before. Not only must they have strong academic skills in reading, math, and science, they must also be able to use these skills in a real world work environment. In Indiana, career and technical education (CTE) connects school and work by showing students how academic knowledge and technical skills help them reach their future career and personal goals.

    Recognizing the success of the career and technical program in students’ lives, Indiana created the Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma. This diploma emphasizes rigorous academic standards and expectations along with vital technical skills.  The Core 40 with THD prepares students to easily move from high school to college, the workforce, or elsewhere with a clear focus on their career goals.

    By earning a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma, students leave high school with strong academic and technical skills that give students multiple pathways to success.

    Advantages of a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma for students include:

    • preparation for both college and careers,
    • opportunities to earn college credits while still in high school,
    • opportunities to explore Indiana’s high wage and high-demand occupations,
    • ability to move more easily into their college major, saving time and money,
    • options to gain practical, real-world working experience,
    • chances to earn employer-recognized certifications,
    • valuable skills and training sought by Indiana employers.

    With a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma all students can enter the world after graduation confident in their ability to succeed, regardless of their chosen path.


    C4 offers students the opportunity to obtain a Core 40 with Technical Honors Diploma through several programs.