Washington D.C.

  • CMS is planning to take 8th graders to Washington DC for the 22-23 school year.


    The trip for Fall of 2022 is currently full. To be placed on the waiting list, please email Mrs. Eudy at eudyk@bcsc.k12.in.us


    Important Links

    DC General Information Sheet

    DC Meeting Letter

    Washington DC Contract

    Ken Darlage Scholarship Information



    Fee Schedule
    Feb. 16th-March 21st:   Non-refundable $89 deposit to travel agency.
    May 10th:                       Minimum payment of $211 towards balance.
    August 9th:                     Remaining balance due.
    August 11th:                   Non-refundable fees increase to $131.
    Sept. 4th:                        Zero refunds are given. Total payment lost.










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