Dr. Michael Parsons
    Michael Parsons
    Principal, Clifty Creek Elementary
    About Dr. Parsons

    Michael Parsons never dreamt of becoming a school principal, but says being a principal is the best job he has found that helps him fulfill his life mission. He believes that everyone deserves a champion who believes in and pushes them beyond their finite horizon. He is passionate about being a vocal advocate for the silenced, loving each person unconditionally, confidently disregarding the status quo presented by unoriginal seekers of average, and walking with conviction and transformative faith.

    Michael is currently serving in his 15th year as a public educator. He has served for 10 years as building administrator and is in his fourth year serving as the principal of Clifty Creek Elementary School in Columbus, IN. He obtained his B.A. in secondary education from Taylor University, M.A. in Special Education from Ball State University, Educational Administration from Ball State University, and Ph.D. from Purdue University in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. He resides with his wife (Arlene), and two children, (Caleb and Natalie) in Columbus, IN.

    Michael hopes he will always be known for his actions towards others over the titles and degrees. He believes that how he treats others, builds relationships, and takes a stand for what he believes is right and true will have a longer lasting impact than any title or degree.


    Kellie McIntyre
    Assistant Principal
    About Mrs. McIntyre
    Kellie McIntyre grew up in Columbus, Indiana and having attended Clifty Creek Elementary School as a child herself, she was thrilled to be given the opportunity to return to the school as a building leader. Her love of learning, background in education, dedication to empowering youth, and core belief that children are the future of our society continue to fuel her desire her to make Clifty Creek the elementary school of choice in BCSC.
    Kellie is currently serving in her 8th year as a public educator, and 2nd year as the Assistant Principal at Clifty Creek Elementary School. She obtained her B.A. in Elementary Education from Indiana University, and M.B.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of Indianapolis. She has taught 3 grade levels, and worked as an Elementary Curriculum Specialist at the district level for BCSC prior to becoming the Assistant Principal for Clifty Creek Elementary School.
    Kellie is excited to continue building a team of eduators and staff who share her commitment to providing a positive, and safe environment for children and staff to learn and grow, where all are valued for who they are. Michelle Obama once said, "Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives." Kellie hopes to continue to spread her reach further and touch more and more lives with each passing day.