Columbus Signature Academy Lincoln PTO

  • We’d like to thank you for your interest in PTO!  Whether you are a parent, a staff member, a grandparent, or a guardian, your dedication to our students and our school is greatly appreciated.  By being involved in our school community, you are not only helping CSA-Lincoln, you are letting our children know that you care enough about their school lives to invest your time and resources. Volunteering sends a clear message to our children that they are valuable and their education is important.

    PTO typically meets every third Thursday of the month from July through May in the library from 6-7pm.  Sometimes a conflict may arise and the meeting may be moved forward or pushed back.  

    There are many ways to participate in PTO.  Everyone is welcome to come to the meetings.  If you can’t make meetings or the business end of it just isn’t your thing there are plenty of other areas in which you can plug-in.  PTO needs volunteers to fabricate activities for student events, to take over bus duty during teacher appreciation breakfasts, to donate paper goods…you get the picture.  If time is an issue, we encourage everyone to participate in our ongoing fundraising efforts by collecting Box Tops, Coke rewards cods, and signing up for Kroger Community Rewards program.  Lastly, you can help out by just attending PTO events!  Keep up to date by getting on the PTO email list (request to be added at, through announcements in Mr. Findley’s weekly newsletter and by following the CSA-Lincoln Facebook page to get the latest updates.
    Current PTO President: Ashleigh Fisher
    Current PTO Vice President: Stephanie Seaborne
    Current Treasurer: Jana Bartels
    Go to the CSA Lincoln Comunity Facebook page for information! 
    There are multiple ways to participate in fundraising!  Below are links to information on how you can contribute.