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What is Columbus Virtual Pathway? (CVP)

  • The Columbus Virtual Pathway is an online educational offering for students in grades K through 12 in Bartholomew and surrounding counties. The Columbus Virtual Pathway will utilize Edgenuity to offer online courses developed by Edgenuity and  facilitated by BCSC teachers.

    Students attending the Columbus Virtual Pathway will be enrolled at a BCSC school and be supported by the CVP Coordinator. These students will receive a BCSC diploma upon graduation and will be able to participate in BCSC programs and extra-curricular activities at the schools where they are enrolled.

    For more information, contact Angie Wieneke at or text/call her at (812) 603-9283.


    For information about the 2021-2022 school year, please view this document. If you have questions, please contact Josh Giebel at or 812-344-8528.

    To enroll in the Columbus Virtual Pathway for the 2021-2022 school year, please follow this link.

About Edgenuity

  • Edgenuity

    Edgenuity is both research-based (uses current and confirmed research in the curriculum design) and evidence based (has been proven to work with students all over the country).


    Edgenuity Courseware is the only online course suite for all four core subjects to be awarded Digital Promise’s certification for research-based design. We also have a published white paper in which a third-party favorably evaluated our course offerings against research-based best practices. And we have very high scores in our Quality Matters evaluations.


    We currently have 18 published efficacy studies available here that measure the impact of Edgenuity Courseware on growth and achievement.

    Much like a textbook is one tool teachers use in their classrooms but not the only tool, Edgenuity Courseware is an instruction tool as well. The platform offers robust customization capabilities for teachers to control what lessons are provided to each student and to insert their own activities for students as well. This allows each teacher to start from a base of comprehensive standards coverage and then personalize the curriculum the way they would in a face-to-face classroom—adding writing activities that are directly relevant to the class or additional projects in addition to or instead of the ones already included in the curriculum.

What Are Our Students Saying About CVP?

  • CVP Testimonials

    "I love being a student at CVP. It has gave me the freedom to make my own schedule, which I really love. I can go at my own pace, which helps me with my learning disabilities. My favorite part is the online videos. I love how much Angie cares for us and eager to help. -Nolan, 9th grade

    "Edgenuity has been a great online platform to work on. All of the classes move at my pace so I’ll never be behind or ahead. My teachers have been extremely supportive offering help and guidance along the way."  
    -Shelby, 11th grade

    "I like to be able to take my time on a project if needed and less time on things that are easier for me. I love the online videos and Teachers. CVP has made learning fun again." -Ethan, 7th grade

    "I love how well the video explains everything without being too long. The layout of it is perfect for me. I like how everything is straight forward and I’m not confused about anything after it is explained to me. I like how I can see how many assignments and activities are in the whole class and my progress is shown to me comparing to where I should be. Working with a program that is easy for me to understand has helped me keep my grades up and it hasn’t been stressful because I’m actually understanding what’s going on unlike past programs I have worked though."   -Kyra, 12th grade

Student Experience Videos

  • The Edgenuity Student Experience (K-5)

  • The Edgenuity Student Experience (6-12)

  • Individualized Learning Meets Students’ Needs