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    Welcome to BCSC
    Welcome to the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. It is our vision to demonstrate “a community commitment to deeper learning for one…and all.” This website is designed to assist our community with that commitment as it provides up to date information on our school corporation, our schools, and our programs. In particular, it features an in depth look at what we mean by “deeper learning”, our approach to satisfying our mission to prepare “all learners to succeed in a competitive global economy and democratic society and to tackle the complex issues they will encounter.”
    As a corporation, we understand the importance of being transparent and responsive to our stakeholders. This website assists us with this. Additionally, we focus on being highly engaged with our constituents and are open to discussing key topics at any time. Our ability to continually improve is reliant upon our ability to effectively gather information and your willingness to share your thoughts enhances our efforts. We look forward to hearing from you as we all work diligently to ensure that BCSC students are the fortunate recipients of the best education offered in the State of Indiana.

BCSC Cabinet Leadership