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    Director: Josh Giebel

    2401 Beam Road, Columbus, IN, 47203

    Phone: 812.314.3810 Fax: 812.314.3816 Website:
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    Columbus Virtual Pathway (CVP) is an independent online pathway for students in grades 6 - 12. CVP students engage with BCSC teachers virtually to become expert learners who are purposeful and motivated, resourceful and knowledgeable, and strategic and goal-directed. BCSC teachers will interact virtually, guide engagement, manage assignments, and promote personal growth through a high-quality, remote learning experience that incorporates the BCSC core values. Whether you are a student who has struggled in a traditional school setting and needs to catch up, a student looking for accelerated learning opportunities, a traveling athlete, or somewhere in between, Columbus Virtual Pathway can help you reach your goal with a high-quality virtual education. We meet students where they are and develop a plan to help them achieve their goals. The flexibility of an online program along with the opportunities that BCSC provides for Career & Technical Education, Advanced-placement, dual credit, and more allows students to get the best of virtual and in-person instruction. The COVID-19 pandemic has left students in a variety of different places in their learning journeys and as we look to regroup, reimagine, and return to learning, CVP is a pathway forward.



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