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  • About ParentSquare

    BCSC and each of our schools are using an app called ParentSquare for family communication.  

    We are moving to ParentSquare for a number of exciting reasons. 

    1. ParentSquare will allow us to have one central tool for communication that includes newsletters, eAlerts, and messages. 
    2. ParentSquare will allow quick translation for families on content and messages to and from parents, so families and staff can be on the same page with each other.
    3. ParentSquare will let users set notification preferences (app, phone, email, etc.) so that families can receive messages the way they prefer. 
    4. ParentSquare is simple for staff since all rosters and information is imported from PowerSchool.
    5. ParentSquare supports safety for everyone by archiving messages to and from users.

    Families, teachers, and administrators can access ParentSquare via their website,, or phone app.  Teachers and administrators can also post using either the website or phone app.