Main Office

    Michael Parsons
    Principal,Clifty Creek Elementary

    Clifty Creek is a unique, diverse, and liberating school building that places high expectations on everyone who enters the building - staff and students - to achieve their full potential. The most significant thing about “The Creek” is who our students become through the process of developing a relentless pursuit of excellence. The process of desiring excellence is a choice that often results in discomfort and difficulties. While life always have difficult moments, how we respond and handle difficulties often changes the outlook - positive or negative. At Clifty Creek, your child will be challenged and encouraged each day to reach their full potential. We walk with a confident disregard for the status quo and strive for failure in the pursuit of excellence for your child. We do not settle for mediocrity and we make it our mission each day to dedicate our service to the process of your child reaching their full potential on their pursuit of excellence.

    Kellie McIntrye
    Assistant Principal
    Ashley Kimbrell
    School Counselor