• Northside Players is the extra-curricular theatre program at Northside Middle School.


    Open to all Northside students in good standing. 

    Students can participate as:

    • Actors (Must audition for roles)
    • Crew members for the plays
    • In Drama Club sessions
    • No previous experience is necessary

    Drama Club Sessions are workshops that:

    • Meet once a week only when we aren't doing a play.
    • Have theatre games.
    • Develop acting skills.
    • Learn backstage skills.
    • Always meet at Northside.

    We mount two productions a year in all kinds of styles:

    • comedies
    • dramas
    • an occasional musical
    Recent productions include:
    • Snow Angel
    • The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza
    • 50 Reasons NOT to Be in a Play
    • In a Grove:  Four Japanese Ghost Stories
    • The Phantom Tollbooth
    • Night of the Living Spartans
    • Crazytown
    • Idiot's Guide to Surviving High School
    • All I Really Need to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play

    Students are expected to:

    • Maintain good grades.
    • Treat facilities with respect.
    • Treat staff with respect.
    • Treat fellow participants with respect.