School Information

  •  Fodrea

    Columbus Signature Academy, Fodrea Campus

    2775 Illinois Avenue

    Columbus, IN


    Our School Hours of Operation

    Student Day: 8:05 - 2:45
    Office Hours: 7:30 - 4:00

    Staff Hours: 7:45 - 3:15  


    About Our School

    Our Motto: Learning Today...Leading Tomorrow

    Our mission: Our mission is to prepare socially engaged citizens who excel in an information and technology rich society.

    Number of students at our school: 338

    School Colors: Orange & White

    Mascot: Falcons


    About Columbus Signature Academy, Fodrea Campus

    Paul Kennon of Caudill Rowlett Scott designed the building in 1973 as a “people-centered” school. It was one of the first schools in the country to serve the dual purpose of education and as a gathering place for the community. It offers elementary education, recreation, and community-civic organization space.

    As with other Columbus elementary schools, Fodrea was named for educators in the school system, Hazel, Bessie and Mabel Fodrea, three sisters who taught in the school system.