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         Since 1981, BCSC has been providing opportunities for high ability learners.

      Explore this webpage to learn about options for high ability learners and the identification process.

    According to Indiana Code, a high ability student is one who: “performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.” (IC 20-36-1-3)


    High Ability Program Coordinator

    Wendy Foster


    Gail Koors



    Goals of High Ability Instruction

    Within a Universally Designed Learning environment, develop students to apply higher order thinking skills, increase depth of understanding, and pursue intellectual potential through high quality instruction and rigorous curriculum.  This is accomplished by:

    • applying skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation
    • engagement in developing solutions
    • responding to open-ended questions and activities
    • collaboration and group interaction
    • experiencing a multi-disciplinary approach
    • maximizing student choice
    • developing expert learner qualities


    To systematically identify students who demonstrate outstanding achievement or the potential ability to achieve in academic areas; math and English/language arts


    To continually revise and improve our high ability program through a systematic evaluation process


    To encourage broad based community participation and support in the planning, implementation and evaluation of our program



    • Kindergarten students are tested to indentify indicators of high ability potential; however, high ability identification begins during the third grade school year.
    • Cluster grouping, multi-age classrooms, and other Universal Designs for Learning (UDL) practices are used to meet the needs of our elementary students at all grade levels at all schools.
    • An optional self-contained high ability elementary program for grades four through six is available for students identified as high ability learners in both categories. 


    • A self-contained high ability middle school program for grades seven and eight is located at both middle schools: Northside and Central. This program offers inclusion within a high ability team.


    • Honors classes, advanced college credit courses, or the advanced placement (AP) classes for high school high ability learners are offered at both high schools. Further questions should be directed to:

    Columbus East High School
    Kristin Schuetz
    Director of Counseling
    (812) 376-4357

    Columbus North High School
    Pat Pemberton
    Director of Counseling
    (812) 376-4292


High Ability Information

  • Confirmation of Participation Forms

  • Self-Contained High Ability Program

  • Identification Process

  • Open Testing

  • Parent Student Opportunities

  • High Ability Secondary Options

  • High Ability Contact Information

  • Broad Based Planning Committee

  • Teacher Resources