Alternative Education at McDowell

  • Alt Ed

  • Student Eligibility Guidelines (Student Profile)

    • Student intends to withdraw before graudation

    • Student has failed to comply academically and would benefit from an alternative educational program

    • Student is a parent or expectant parent and is unable to attend the traditional school

    • Student is employed and employment is necessary for support and intereferes with the traditional school day

    • Student feels disconnected/disengaged from traditional school setting


    Student Entrance Procedure (Home School Collaboration)

    • Student is referred by home school after counsultation with counselor and dean as to the reason for the pathway choice

    • Staff at McDowell and Home School collaborate in the intake process to meet with parent/guardian and student to go over goals, expectations with student and parent, set the schedule, and develop Individualized Success Plan

    • Students must meet the student profile criteria for enrollment

    • Students entering McDowell will keep earned credits from his/her home high school and will be placed on a shared schedule (part day McDowell/part day home school) to meet individual academic needs

    • Alternative Ed @ McDowell courses are offered quarterly. Students are able to complete a semester class in 1 quarter, allowing for students to more quickly earn required credits


    Additional Information

    • Bus transportation is offered to and from McDowell to CSA New Tech, East High School, North High School

    • Alternative Ed @ McDowell does not offer elective credits. Those credrits will be taken at the student's home school

    • Alternative Ed @ McDowell is NOT an alternative to suspension or expulsion

    • Students must meet the same graduation guidelines that are required by BCSC and the state of Indiana