Deans Office - 812-376-4251

  • Procedure for Reporting Absences

    Parents or legal guardians are requested to call the 24-hour attendance voice mail line (812) 376-4251 the day of the absence.  You may call the attendance office as far in advance as possible. Absences can be scheduled months in advance.  A telephone call will be required each day the student is absent unless prior arrangements have been made.

    When reporting an absence, the parent or guardian should give the following information:

    their name and relationship to student

    student’s name (please spell) and grade in school

    reason for absence

    the date of absence

    Upon returning to school the day following an absence, the student should go directly to class. If there is a question about the absence, the Deans Office will contact the student.  If a student leaves the school building during the school day, the student must sign out with the Deans office. Students must sign in at attendance upon returning to school that day or arriving at school after the school day begins, even if returning or leaving during a passing period.

    Failure to properly sign in or out could result in the student’s absence being marked as unexcused.

    The student, parent or legal guardian, and the school must cooperate to achieve the school's stated philosophy of education where school attendance is concerned. However, students must be encouraged to exercise self-discipline within the framework of the stated attendance policy.