• North Drama is the extra-curricular theatre program at Columbus North High School.  We currently do two main stage productions a year and sponsor the CNHS troupe of the International Thespian Society.  Thespian Troupe #57 mounts two student directed and produced productions a year.

Our Next Production

December, 2020
  • In a small, remote area of Maine named Almost--because it's almost Canada and almost a town--it's 8:50 on a cold Friday night in January.  Ordinary men and women are keepin' on keepin' on when something almost magical happens.  Relationships are started, forged and tested while the Northern Lights dance in the sky.  This collection of nine relationship fables is the most popular play to be produced in the last decade and is a wonderful tale of connection.


    Performances are currently scheduled for December 4 & 5 at 7:30 and December 6 at 2:30.  Tickets will only be on sale in advance starting November 1.