• North Drama is the extra-curricular theatre program at Columbus North High School.  We currently do two main stage productions a year and sponsor the CNHS troupe of the International Thespian Society.  Thespian Troupe #57 mounts two student directed and produced productions a year.

Our Next Production

June, 2021
  • Venice Beach, Califronia, 1980.  The world is at a crossroads. Desperate to forget the trials of the recent past, a nation looks for artisitc insipiration to guide them towards a glorious and enlightened future.  Enter Sonny Malone, a down on his luck street artist who may have just the thing that will usher in a new artistic Renaissance.  His artistic genius?  Open a roller disco!


    Welcome to Xanadu!  A hilarious, musical sendup of not only the cult classic 1980 movie but also Greek mythology, the ELO songbook, Clash of the Titans, musical theatre, disco, rollerskating, and all things Olivia Newton John.  What a glorious prank!


    Performances are June 18 & 19 at 7:30 and June 20 at 2:30.  Tickets will only be on sale in advance.  Click the Seat Yourself link below to purchase tickets now!