Info and Forms to Start New Clubs

  • Request for Club Charter Form (PDF) 


    The Club Program. Each club must meet the following basic requirements:

    1.   It must have open membership (no voting).

    2.   It must have a definite series of worthwhile programs.

    3.   Its name must be appropriate and clear as to the purpose of the club.

    4.   It must not collect dues unless it is affiliated with a national or state group which collects dues.

    5.   It must not collect fines of any kind.

    6.   It must require no pin (unless state or national), no sweater, or other sign of recognition which might be an expense to members.

    7.   The sponsor must submit to the annual club survey at the end of the year.

    8.   The Club Sponsor must be an approved BCSC full time staff member.

    All club members must take an active part in the club work and activities in order to retain membership. All projects for raising or spending money must have the approval of the assistant principal for student activities. Requests for money-making projects should have a specific reason for money which serves club purposes.

    Each club is permitted three social events per year. (This would include initiation the first semester and senior dinner the second semester.) Outing expenses are paid through assessments and not from the treasury; however, the cost of the meat and drinks may be taken from the club funds. Initiation expenses are taken from the treasury.

    New Clubs
    If a student or students have an idea for a club which they think they would enjoy and can find fifteen other interested students and a CNHS teacher (or approved Staff member) willing to serve as a sponsor, these students may submit a CNHS request form for a charter to the sponsor who will present it to the assistant principal for student activities.   All clubs should have a written constitution on file and must be able to produce it on demand.