Columbus North High School Information

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    Columbus North High School

    1400 25th Street
    Columbus, IN 47201

    Welcome to Columbus North. Where the Bull Dog Way is one of Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships!

    • Instructional Framework:  Universal Design For Learning (UDL)
    • Behavioral Framework:  Positive Behavior Instructional Supports (PBIS)
    • Social-Emotional Framework (SEL): Developmental Assets/Relationships
    • School Wide Learning Outcomes (SWLO):  Habits of Mind (HOM) 


    • 2052 Students   (999 Males/1053 Females)
    • (9th = 559, 10th = 546, 11th = 489, 12th = 458)
    • *40 student languages or dialects from 36 countries of origin
    • *32.7% Free and Reduced Lunch Assistance

    Columbus North HS Performance Data (IN DOE site)

    2019 CNHS Report Card

    Columbus North High School is a four-year, comprehensive high school with an enrollment of approximately 2,100 students.  The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredit CNHS.  Columbus, Indiana is located in the rich farmland of Bartholomew County in the southeastern part of the state and is nationally recognized for its outstanding architecture. 

    Columbus North High School is one of two high schools, two middle schools, eleven elementaries, a day adult school, and an alternative school in the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation.  North has a professional staff of 120 including five counselors.  Over 90% of the staff hold at least a master’s degree.  All administrators, counselors, and teachers are certified in their respective areas. 

    The school year consists of 182 days divided into two semesters, each with two nine week grading periods.  

    All BCSC High School locations will have a new block Schedule starting the 2020-21 School year. A block schedule is a departure from the 45-minute 8-periods-per-day high school schedule to classes that meet for longer periods of time fewer days a week. Students on a block schedule at BCSC will still enroll in the same number of courses each semester, but those courses will meet every other day. Students will attend four 85-minute classes each day on a two-day rotation with a student resource time and student advisory period built into these alternating days.

    Grading System

    Letter         12 Point       4 Point

    A+                          12                            4.33

    A                            11                            4.00

    A-                           10                            3.67

    B+                           9                             3.33

    B                             8                             3.00

    B-                            7                             2.67

    C+                           6                             2.33

    C                             5                             2.00

    C-                            4                             1.67

    D+                           3                             1.33

    D                             2                             1.00

    D-                            1                               .67

    P     (Passing)        1                                .67

    F     (Failure)          0                                .00

    W    (Withdraw)      0                                .00

    WF  (Withdraw failure)  0                          .00


    Conversion formula:    T = 12 point scale

                                     F = 4 point scale

    T = 1.0000 or less - - - - F = 2T


    T = 1.0000 to 12.0000 - F = T+1


Bell Schedules

  • Regular Bell Schedule

  • 2 Hour Delay Schedule

  • Open House Bell Schedule