Guidance Office

  • Guidance

    Mrs. Yates

    8th Grade Counselor

    (812) 376-4401  


    Mrs. Bowen

    7th Grade Counselor

    (812) 376-4401


    Mr. Lax

    Dean of Students

    (812) 376-4401


    Mrs. Burbrink

    Administrative Assistant

  • The purpose of the school counseling program is to promote and enhance the learning process. The goal of the program is to enable all students to achieve success in school and to develop into contributing members of society. Northside aligns their guidance standards with the Indiana Student Standards for Guidance and include Academic, Career, and Citizenship development. These skills facilitate lifelong learning and decision making regardless of the career pursued.
    Counseling Services:
    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Student Advocacy
    • Collaboration 

    Our Guidance Department is set up so that students entering Northside in the 7th grade will have the same counselor for two years. While every adult at Northside is available to students for nurturing support, we believe that students and staff benefit from the two year counseling arrangement.

  • TR

    Teancum Clark

    Student Resource Officer

    The SRO is involved in a variety of functions:
    ● As a visible, active law enforcement figure on campus dealing with any law-related
    ● As a classroom resource for instruction in the following areas: law related education,
    violence diffusion, safety programs, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention and
    other areas.
    ● As a member of the faculty and administrative team working hand in hand to solve
    problems in the school community.
    ● As a resource for the students enabling them to be associated with a positive law
    enforcement figure in the student’s environment.
    ● As a resource for teachers, parents and students for law related concerns and
    ● As a counseling resource in areas which may affect the educational environment and
    may be law related.