Team Mosaic

  • Team Mosaic encourages individuality while embracing our community and developing global awareness.


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    Classroom Expectations

    Naturally, each teacher has a unique style of classroom management; however, the following expectations are the same in each Team Mosaic class as well as the entire Northside campus. 

    1. Act Responsibly
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Communicate Effectively


    Team Procedures

    Homework is a valuable part of our learning process.  As such, students are expected to complete assignments.  Teachers will establish before and/or after school hours to coach students who need more academic support.  We ask caring adults to please monitor students’ homework each night by checking assignments and class activities in the agenda book.  Homework is due on the specified date.  Full credit for the assignment is available only for work completed on time.  Assignments turned in one day late receive a maximum of half credit.  No credit is given for assignments on the second day past the due date. 

    In the event of an absence, students must assume responsibility for inquiring about missed work and for making up work within the time frame given by team teachers.  Each teacher has a system for posting daily assignments for absent students.

    Extra credit will be accepted under terms established by individual team teachers.  Extra credit is not a way to “boost” a grade at the end of a grading period.  Extra credit is an enrichment opportunity to encourage deeper understanding for those who choose to participate.


    Homework Policy Reminder


    Work missed due to absence is to be made up within the time specified by the teacher.


  • Mrs. Conner (Instructional Specialist)

    Mrs. Neese (Literacy Lab)

    Ms. Caruso  (Social Studies) 

    Ms. Ross (Language Arts) 

    Mr. Putney (Science)

    Ms. Arndt  (Pre-Algebra & Algebra I)  


    Phone:  During school hours, call 376-4403 and leave a message.  We prefer not to take phone calls during valuable instructional time, but we will return your call as soon as possible.  In the unlikely event of an emergency, ask to speak with Mrs. Dixon, Mr. Burton, or Mr. Ousley.

    As teachers, we are committed to contacting caring adults in an effort to communicate successes  and opportunities for improvement.  It is sometimes necessary to schedule a conference among students, team teachers and caring adults.  For Team Mosaic, those conferences may be scheduled during the school day between 9:40am and 11:00am.