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    Contact information for Tyro teachers is listed below.  You can also contact us by phone at (812) 376-4403.  


    The "Blue Book" or assignment book

    The student assignment book or “blue book” can be a great help to students.  The blue book contains a calendar, the daily schedule, directions to away sporting events, a space for daily assignments, and other helpful tools to encourage students to be more organized and successful.

    Students should use their blue book daily to record specific assignments for each one of their classes.  If no homework is assigned in a class, students should write “no homework” as opposed to leaving the space blank.

    The blue book can also be used as a contact tool between teachers and parents.  Parents can write any questions or concerns in their child’s blue book, and the child can share it with the teacher.  We would be happy to respond to any questions through the blue book.  This also helps the student become more responsible because he/she is expected to carry the message.

    Often, if a student is having trouble remembering assignments, it is because he/she is not writing assignments down in the blue book.  Parents can request that teachers initial their child’s blue book daily.  This holds the student accountable for writing assignments down every day.  It is the student’s responsibility to write assignments down in class and take the blue book to the teacher at the end of class to get it initialed.  It is not uncommon for students to do this to help them get into the habit of writing assignments down daily.

    The blue book is a wonderful organizational tool designed to help your child be as successful as possible if he/she takes advantage of this tool.