LOG 2024: oh, SNAP!
  • 2023-2024 LOG YEARBOOK

    The theme for the 2023-2024 LOG Yearbook is... oh, SNAP!.

    The theme is sure to highlight some of the stories about this year that are interesting and specific to only our students during this year of their lives.



    Yearbook prices:

    Aug. 1-Oct. 6: $60

    Oct. 7-March 8: $70

    Yearbook Distribution Cost: $80

    Be sure to purchase your book before March 8 - only a limited number of yearbooks are bought every year and once they are gone, no more will be ordered.

    Yearbooks and nameplates can be purchased through Herff Jones here.



    Want to remember your year in a very special way? Reserve a senior ad space TODAY!

    Senior ads can include anywhere from one image all the way up to nine images to showcase the growth that you have made in your 12 years of school or just to highlight the achievements that you have made in this last year of your high school career.

    If you are interested in reserving space today, feel free to download an order form here, or email log@cnhsmedia.com to get more information about purchasing space for your senior.

    Already purchased a yearbook? Here are the prices for JUST senior ads.



    Yearbooks from before 2020 are not available for purchase. For information on locating a previous copy of the Log yearbook, check with the Bartholomew County Library or with the Bull Dog Alumni Association.