School Information



    Parkside Elementary

    1400 Parkside Drive

    Columbus, IN


    Our Hours of Operations

    Office Hours:  7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


    About Our School

    Our mission: Developing the mindset of an expert learner is our approach to achieving personal best for all.

    Number of students at our school: 726

    School Colors: Gold & Black

    Mascot: Pirates


    About Our Building

    Norman Fletcher, of the Architects Collaborative, designed the school in 1962 with a series of barrel vaults using wood beams, wood planking, and steel columns, creating an umbrella effect. The same architectural device is repeated in the central section and the barrel vault roof of the gymnasium.

    The addition in 1990, also by Fletcher, is seamless by using the same style of barrel vaults.

    The school is raised on a two-foot podium of earth, with recessed courtyards and play areas, to provide a change from the surrounding flat terrain.

    The brick classroom wings feature deep laminated wood beams that project beyond the exterior wall to provide shading to the large windows and clerestory windows below.

    Behind the school, Freedom Field was specially designed to be entirely handicapped accessible, allowing the interaction of physically challenged and able-bodied children and parents.