World Language

  • Welcome to the Columbus East World Language Department!  Currently four levels of German and Japanese and six levels of French and Spanish are offered.  Our primary goal is to guide students toward proficiency in reading, listening, writing, and speaking of those languages. In addition, our students read novels and examine many aspects of culture- music, art, literature, politics, foods, and more. We also offer trips abroad every few years. Our teachers are accomplished practitioners who continually seek strategies to improve their own proficiencies, as well as to enhance student learning using comprehensible input and UDL strategies.  We expend much energy refreshing our teaching methods and participating in professional groups.  We also expect our students to strive and to achieve to the best of their abilities.

    After completing course work in advanced levels, our students often receive college credit through dual credit classes or by "testing out" of required courses, and go on to excel in advanced college language courses.  Many of our graduates now use their foreign language knowledge and experience in their chosen careers.

    We welcome your questions and communications about World Languages at East High School. Please email our coordinator, Brittany Sullivan. 

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