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Columbus East Alumni Association

Columbus East Alumni Association Database Drive
Did you know Columbus East High School turns FIFTY in 2022? As a part of our 50th-year celebration, the Columbus East Alumni Association (CEAA) is attempting to create its first-ever alumni database collection. With an up-to-date database, the CEAA would be able to send out alumni electronic newsletters, class reunion information, important CEHS academic/sports news, Alumni Hall of Fame nomination/news, and other important Olympian news and events. Add your information to our database by filling out this form. 
The mission of the Columbus East High School Alumni Association is to connect graduates of our school with each other to support our alma mater by promoting the Olympian Ideal.

The doors of Columbus East High School opened to students in 1972. Since then, thousands of us have graduated and moved on to lives all over the world. We have taken the lessons learned at Columbus East and applied them to finding success in our daily life.

In appreciation for the opportunities provided to us, the Columbus East High School Alumni Association has been organized to provide a way to stay connected with our alma mater and each other.

The CEAA is on Facebook. Find us at:

The CEAA email address:

The CEAA is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations can be made through our PayPal account at:

Donations to the CEAA will help us with our goal of creating a full-functioning alumni website, the annual costs of maintaining that website, help us sponsor alumni events and future Alumni scholarships for CEHS students. 
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