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CMS Item Pick-Up

Item Pick-up:

We have set a schedule for item pick-up. Students should return any school items like library books, textbooks, workbooks, etc on the day they come to collect their items. All student items have been placed in bags with their names on them. Students will not be coming into the building to get their items or return items.


7th graders will use the bus lane on the day they are to come to return/collect items. 8th graders will be using the car-rider lanes. Students will stay in their vehicles and should display and piece of paper with their last name on it for item retrieval. There will be staff at each line to collect library books, etc, and we will have someone there to pass out yearbooks to those that purchased them.


8:30 AM - 3:30PM ( 7th Grade -Bus lane & 8th grade - car lane)

May 22nd(Friday): Team Adventure

May 26th(Tuesday): CSA 7 and CSA 8

May 27th(Wednesday): Team Bolt & Team Thunder

May 28th(Thursday): Phoenix & Quest




Students will only return their device it they are not returning to BCSC in the fall. All others will be keeping their device, case, and charger until August. At that time, BCSC Tech department will give us more directions.