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Global Studies Pathway and AC

Starting Jan 22nd with Global Studies Pathway and AC Open House at 6pm in our main gym.

Global Studies Pathway Application

FAQ's for GSP, AC, and Transfer questions 

Information Presentation

Current 7th graders that are in GSP need not reapply.

Realizing that one size does not fit all, BCSC continues to offer multiple pathways for students.  As the world gets smaller through technology and transportation advances, our education must create cultural awareness, foreign language competency and transferrable skills in its students.  Both Academic Challenge (AC) students and non-AC students are eligible to enroll in this new and exciting pathway. 


What is different about the traditional Northside schedule and the Global Studies Pathway?

 1) Students in GSP will take their first year of foreign language as a 7th grader.

2) The GSP offers a blocked schedule in 7th grade.  Literature 7 is blocked with Social Studies.  Science is blocked with Writing and Literacy 7.  Math is blocked with World Language.

3) The pedagogy will include techniques of Socratic Seminar, problem-based learning, cooperative learning, journaling and service learning.


What are the benefits of being part of the Global Studies Pathway?

 1)  Students will acquire two years of foreign language, resulting in four high school, world language credits.

2)  Students will learn the value of community service and create networking with various organizations.  College admissions officers and scholarship committees value a healthy service record.

3)  The blocked schedule allows teachers to delve deeper into topics and not be hampered by the 45 minute period.  When instruction will benefit, teachers are able to group students for 90 minutes.  For instance, science experiments, projects and student presentations can be fully facilitated.

4) Earning high school credits during middle school allows students more freedom in selection of high school courses.  Many students earn ten high school credits while still in middle school.  These credits are earned in Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, and World Language.  As they complete their high school requirements early, students are able to take classes in high school for college credit (AP, early college).


Will my student still be able to choose an elective?

Yes, all students in GSP will have the same amount of exploratory and elective options as students not in GSP.