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For Parents

Welcome parents! We are excited to work with you to make sure your child's experience in Columbus Virtual Pathway is a good one!

Columbus Virtual Pathway is an independent K-12 online pathway in which students engage with BCSC teachers virtually to become expert learners who are purposeful and motivated; resourceful and knowledgeable; strategic and goal-directed. The Columbus Virtual Pathway uses online courses that are developed by Edgenuity and facilitated by BCSC teachers. BCSC teachers will interact virtually, guide engagement, manage assignments, and promote personal growth through a high-quality, remote learning experience that incorporates the BCSC values listed below:

BCSC Vision: BCSC demonstrates a community commitment to deeper learning for one...and all. 

BCSC Values:

BCSC will ensure a balanced, intentional, and forward looking approach to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide a welcoming and diverse learning culture of respect, fairness, and trust
  • Advance a deep community commitment to all learners’ health, personal, and academic success
  • Enable achievement of core academic knowledge and varied levels of critical thinking
  • Foster multiple perspectives to develop global citizens
  • Provide multiple pathways that intellectually engage all learners
  • Promote and support agile, collaborative learning environments
  • Cultivate a commitment to a life-long learning process for all

Edgenuity Help Center - Parent Resources: Edgenuity has provided parents with a variety of resources designed to help your child succeed in their virtual courses!