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For Students

Columbus Virtual Pathway provides a personalized learning experience for BCSC students. We are a pathway forward for you that provides an alternative to the traditional school experience.

Edgenuity empowers students to take ownership over their learning with flexible online courses and curriculum that meet the needs of students.

For some students, the traditional high school format is not the best fit. CVP offers a personalized, self-paced, online school that gives students the flexibility and attention they need to be successful.

Whether you are a student that needs to catch up credits and get extra support, a gifted student wanting accelerated learning opportunities and more AP and dual credit options, or somewhere in between, Columbus Virtual Pathway is a great option for you!

Columbus Virtual Pathway allows you to move at a pace comfortable for you while receiving one-on-one attention in the areas you need it most.

Students enrolled in the Columbus Virtual Pathway will participate in high-quality online instruction and learning opportunities that guide them to mastery in core content areas.  Instruction is aligned with Indiana State standards and utilizes Edgenuity along with additional BCSC adopted curriculum resources.  Students attending Columbus Virtual Pathway will be enrolled in remote learning classes by the program director and will be served by a BCSC certified teacher. All Columbus Virtual Pathway students will be provided with BCSC resources and a BCSC device in order to access online instruction and will be able to participate in BCSC programs and extra-curricular activities at the schools where they are enrolled.

In addition to participating in remote learning, Virtual Pathway students:

  • Will participate in scheduled online meetings and lessons with the Virtual Pathway teachers
  • Must fully engage in online learning activities, complete classroom assignments and assessments 
  • Have access to a designated school library using a strategic pick-up/drop-off process
  • Are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities that take place before or after school
  • Have access to the i-Care before and/or after school program

While Columbus Virtual Pathway students generally work from home, we work hard to ensure that they don't feel isolated and alone. We pride ourselves on providing support, communication, and socialization opportunities for our students and their families through our Advisory program. If this sounds like a good fit for you and your family, we encourage you to enroll now or contact our office with your questions. We are more than happy to give you more information!

CVP Testimonials

"I love being a student at CVP. It has given me the freedom to make my own schedule, which I really love. I can go at my own pace, which helps me with my learning disabilities. My favorite part is the online videos. I love how much Angie cares for us and eager to help. -Nolan, 9th grade

"Edgenuity has been a great online platform to work on. All of the classes move at my pace so I’ll never be behind or ahead. My teachers have been extremely supportive offering help and guidance along the way."  
-Shelby, 11th grade

"I like to be able to take my time on a project if needed and less time on things that are easier for me. I love the online videos and Teachers. CVP has made learning fun again." -Ethan, 7th grade

"I love how well the video explains everything without being too long. The layout of it is perfect for me. I like how everything is straight forward and I’m not confused about anything after it is explained to me. I like how I can see how many assignments and activities are in the whole class and my progress is shown to me comparing to where I should be. Working with a program that is easy for me to understand has helped me keep my grades up and it hasn’t been stressful because I’m actually understanding what’s going on, unlike past programs I have worked though."   -Kyra, 12th grade

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