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8/14/2020 BCSC COVID-19 Indicators Update



This morning, we met with the COVID-19 Community Task Force, comprised of City of Columbus and Bartholomew County leaders, for our regular update to discuss the current state of our area and how we can continue to work together to safely keep schools and businesses open. One of the topics discussed was communicating with the public about COVID-19 indicators. For the past four weeks, BCSC has managed and posted these indicators on a regular basis in an effort to be transparent with our stakeholders and ensure accurate data as we make decisions regarding our school status.  

However, the COVID-19 Community Task Force also understands the importance of these measures to the health and wellbeing of the entire community.  Given that, the task force will now manage the data and post updated information regularly on its website.  When available, today’s updated information can be found at

Please refer to this website as you continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

BCSC will continue to work with our local health officials, namely those from Columbus Regional Health and the Bartholomew County Health Department, to review the measures provided and make decisions on our school status.  The COVID-19 Community Task Force currently considers our overall status as “moderate”.  We look forward to seeing our students back in our buildings on Monday!