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8/17/2020 BCSC COVID-19 Indicators Update


BCSC Statement re: COVID-19 Indicators 8/17/2020

 In light of a rise in the community spread of COVID-19, BCSC recognizes the community's interest in its process to determine when schools may switch from in-person learning to eLearning. Outlined below is the process BCSC will follow to make this determination.

At least once per week, BCSC consults with representatives from Columbus Regional Health and the Bartholomew County Health Department to review updated COVID-19 metrics. 

If, after a thorough review of the data, BCSC determines a need to move to eLearning as the instructional model for all students, the following process will be implemented:

  1. School Board and staff members will be informed. 
  2. An e-alert will be sent to notify students and families and a make-up day may be used to activate plans to move to eLearning. 
  3. Online instruction will start the day after the make-up day. The eLearning model will be for an initial duration of three weeks.  
  4. Near the conclusion of the three-week period, and after continued analysis of COVID-19 data, an announcement will be given regarding either a return to school or continuation of eLearning. 

The indicators included in our Reopening Plan, and specific ways to calculate them, were developed by representatives from Columbus Regional Health and the Bartholomew County Health Department.  These are the medical professionals who report to the COVID-19 Community Task Force and help us interpret the data to determine the level of spread for the community.

Following the July 20 School Board meeting, efforts were made to update the data and make it available for public review on Mondays and Thursdays of each week.  Due to challenges with the efficiency of this process, on Friday, August 14, BCSC made the request to move the tracking of the COVID-19 data to the community's COVID-19 website.  

The Task Force website provides a centralized location of information to every stakeholder in our community regarding the spread of COVID-19.  However, having the data updated and posted to this location will not change the decision-making process for BCSC for opening or closing school and is not contradictory to our School Board approved Reopening Plan.

BCSC is committed to providing the safest environment for our students and staff to learn, work, and grow together. We will continue to listen and work as a team with our school board members, teachers, and families in our community to offer the best possible educational experience for all students. 


Please see the COVID-19 Community Task Force 8/17/2020 Statement here: