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BCSC's Statement Regarding Electronic Devices


BCSC Families,

There are many questions surrounding the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our students, buildings, and our community. Please know that our corporation is actively monitoring the situation on a daily, and even hourly basis. We will continue to share information and update communications regularly.

Today, we are sending home electronic devices with our students in grades 1-12 in preparation for the possible need for eLearning after Spring Break. At this time, there are zero confirmed cases in our community and sending home electronic devices is a proactive measure on BCSC’s part.

In an effort to prepare you and your student(s) for eLearning, BCSC Coordinator of Instructional Technology Brenny Kummer would like to share the following information for responsible student use and proper care of electronic devices.

  • Use responsibly
    • Respect security measures, internet filtering, and visit academic websites. (To ensure the safety of students, all students on 1:1 computing devices are configured so that the internet content is filtered both when the student is at school and on any other public or private network.)

  • Be respectful
    • Use appropriate language in all communications. All communications should be conducted in a responsible and ethical manner as well as follow copyright and fair use guidelines.

  • Handle with care
    • Transport electronic devices in sleep mode, with screen closed, in protective cases.
    • Keep devices away from food and drinks; liquids can damage devices.
    • Avoid stacking objects on top of electronic devices.
    • Use your device on a flat surface (such as a table) and avoid leaving devices outdoors or in locations with extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

  • Plan ahead
    • Be sure to charge electronic devices and bring them back to school following Spring Break.

  • Disinfect Electronic Devices
    • Ensure the device is turned off and unplug all cables.
    • Clean the device screen using a microfiber cloth (do not use disinfecting liquids directly on the screen, including disinfectant wipes).
    • Clean the keyboard, including laptop keyboard, using a disinfectant wipe.
    • Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, or abrasives to clean devices. 
    • Clean hands immediately after disinfecting devices and surfaces.
    • For more guidance, visit the CDC’s website:

  • For additional information, visit the following: