School Information

  • Taylorsville

    Taylorsville Elementary School

    9711 Walnut Street

    P.O. Box 277

    Taylorsville, IN  47280


    812-526-2233 (Fax)


    Hours of Operation

    • School Day   8:15am - 2:35pm (for Grades K,1,2,3)  /  8:15am - 2:37pm (for Grades 4,5,6)
    • Staff Hours   7:45am - 3:15pm
    • Office Hours  7:30am - 4:00pm


    School Information

    Our Mission:  To achieve educational excellence for all learners by acquiring the basic knowledge needed to communicate, work together, and thrive in a diverse community.

    Our Vision:  We believe Taylorsville Elementary is a learning community with heart, committed to Deeper Learning.

    Our School Expectations:  BE SAFE - No harm and no hurt.

           BE RESPONSIBLE - Work to get the job done.

           BE RESPECTFUL - Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    Our School Pledge:  am a student of Taylorsville Elementary School.

      I pledge to obey the school rules of being Safe, Responsible and Respectful.

      I promise not to bully others and to help those who are bullied.

      I pledge to be honest, fair and eager to do my best today and every day.

    Number of students at our school:  578

    Our School Colors:  Blue & White

    Our School Mascot:  Bears