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    About BCSC

    Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation is the school district of choice in Indiana. We are committed to preparing all learners to succeed in a competitive global economy and democratic society and to tackle the complex issues they will encounter. In order to achieve these high expectations, we use educational frameworks that provide our students and staff with the best opportunity to succeed at every level.

    Our Mission:

    We develop expert learners by partnering with our community to invest in people.

    Our Vision:

    BCSC is THE CHOICE to learn, work, and play.

    Our Values:

    • We all can rise to the challenge of high expectations.

    • Learning is most effective when we have choice, flexibility, and see relevance.

    • We thrive when our physical, social, and psychological needs are met.

    • Our community and school district are stronger when we partner with one another.

    • We flourish because of the diversity and variability in our community.

    • Our democracy and democratic institutions are strengthened by civic-minded citizens.

What Makes BCSC Unique?

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Positive Behavioral Instructional Support (PBIS)

  • School Resource Officers (SRO)

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)

  • Legado Spanish Immersion Academy

  • STEM

  • Athletics

  • Activities

  • Performing Arts

  • Special Education

  • High Ability Programming

  • AP/CD/Dual Credit

  • Senior Project

  • Career and Technical Programming (C4)

  • i-Grad

  • i-CARE

  • Bright Beginnings